I was hiding behind a tree as my name echoes into the night and my killer was running around trying to look for me. I was catching my breath. I have scrapes all over my body with all the horror of escaping the forest in the middle of the night with only the moon shining from up above. I can’t help but tear up as the thought of dying in the middle of nowhere really scared the crap out of me.

A knife swiftly appeared and found its rightful place, my neck, to perform its bloody function. I stayed still. ‘Hear you are’ he said as he holds the back of my shirt firmly and drew back the knife. I moved at the speed of bullet as I saw a chance and kicked him in his balls. I ran fast. But his knife was faster as it pierced my right leg. ‘Arrrghhh’ I screamed. I fell down because of the pain.

‘I will not kill you, Allan.” he whispered to my ear and sniffed me. I was shocked by how quick he recovered from my kick .

“But of course I will come back for you . I will free you so that you’ll spend everyday of your life wondering, is today the day? Hahahahahaha! You will not be the same anymore, Allan. You’ll be walking in the streets looking over your shoulder if my shadows are already taunting you. You’ll be crying every night! You will wish I  should have killed you at this moment.” he said as his knife was slowly dancing on my cheeks.

“Just kill me now, damn you!” I shouted and he hit me with a large stone.

“No, Allan. We’ll meet again someday, my dear.” I heard him before everything went black.

I woke up with dried blood on the side of my face. I was in the very  same room again where I escape from awhile back. It was complete darkness inside but I remember the things present in this room even the…

I stopped with that thought. I hugged myself and cried as I remembered what had happened inside 30 minutes ago.

‘Oh God, this is it’ I said to myself as I heard footsteps coming near.

The sound of a key carefully injected and twisted in the doorknob was heard. An ominous creaking sound was produced by the old wooden door came next. A tall figure came into view and stepped inside. It was a man judging from the scent of his sweat mixed with an unusual fragrance that filled the room.

I was trembling with fear on my chair. If I hadn’t sent that thing to the police, then this man wouldn’t have the slightest idea of targeting me. I wish I had spent my summer vacation going after that girl I’d met in the grocery store not so long ago.  Or maybe  have late nights drinking beer and hanging out with friends.

My father was absolutely right. I shouldn’t have stick my nose with everything. My curiosity and stubbornness lead me here. Had I known this would happen, I would have gone to grandma’s farm and learn how to milk the  stinking cows there.

He started walking to me. I can hear my heart pounding like a drum. My eyes were fixated on his hands, sensing if his carrying something that could kill me fast before I even blink. My insides were all rioting as the man finally knelt in front of me. I feel like I will pee my shorts first before he even strikes. He removed the ducktapes on my mouth and stood up.

“Where the hell is Andrew?” I asked him but he did not reply.

Andrew’s my best friend ever since grade school. He knows my secrets even the darkest ones and I also knew his. I dragged him into this mess. He would have been with his family in their vacation house at the next town but he refused to go because I beg him so. And now, I don’t know where the heck he is. I hope nothing bad happened to him.

The man went for the light’s switch. He pressed it and the sudden brightness blinded me for a minute as my eyes took time to adjust. He was wearing a rugged black t-shirt with Hell Fest printed on it which I find to be creepy based on his way of living. It was paired with crappy pants ripped on the part of the knees like he was a gangster or so.

He moved to the eastern part of the room. I followed him with my eyes. He stopped near the sofa and tapped the floor using his left feet. I looked down and found the answer to my question.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” I screamed at the sight of Andrew.

“Andrew! No! No! No! This can’t be happening!” I muttered as tears rolled down on my cheeks.

Andrew was sitting on the dirty floor. His mouth and eyes had been sewed. His throat had been slit. And worst of all, his chest had been ripped apart. I can see his lungs not breathing air anymore. I can see his damage ribs probably brought by something that hit him very hard. And worst of all, his heart! The psycho just put it in my best friends hands like he’s offering it to me. He was adorned with different kinds of flowers, black roses, daisies, tulips you name it. Even the flower of death was present surrounding his heart. I felt sick to the point that it made me  want to throw up.

I looked up at the man. If gaze can only kill, he would have been dead by a minute as I stared daggers and large kitchen knives at him. My blood even rose as I realized his facial expression. He was smiling! The madman is freaking smiling like a proud idiot able to do something pretty good!

“You sick bastard! Damn you!” I told him while crying and struggling from the ducktapes wrapped also around me.

“If you hadn’t expose me then I wouldn’t have targeted you and Andrew.” the man shouted  and as fast lightning he was already in front of me. His eyes met mine.

“You know how much I treasure the both of you right?” he added as he slowly touched my face and wept away my tears.

“You killed him! You’re not going to get away from this!” I uttered as I looked away from him.

“Oh is that so? Do you know how many boys I’ve killed and get away like nothing happened?” he said amused by his dark achievement.

“Ten. That’s why they even called you as The Boyo Reaper.” I said to him.

He smiled again.  He unwrapped the ducktapes around me but still tied my hands.

“Brilliant kid. That’s your reward for getting your facts straight, boy.” he said and lied in the sofa.

I stared at Pastor Hayden when his eyes closed for a moment. How could this man commit such horrible crime? To think that every one in this town respected him and praised him so much for being such a nice man, a holy man to be exact. No one even thought that he can be the slayer. What if Andrew and I didn’t accidentally stumbled upon his daily logs in his black notebook? Andrew would still be alive. And I would have been spending happily my vacation. But it’s too late.

I heard him snore. He may be The Boyo Reaper, but he’s dumb to even removed those duck tapes. Let alone, take a nap while he’s holding me as a hostage in here. I thought of stabbing him while he’s asleep but I cannot do it. I just went to the door and opened it. I stepped outside and realized that he should really not worry after all because we’re in the middle of nowhere.

The sound of a car starting from a distance brought me back to the present. “No! No! No!” I panicked  and ran to the door. But I fell down and felt something.

“Why didn’t you just kill me? Fuck!” I shouted as tears came flooding more with no one out there had any idea of where I am and the butchered body of my best friend whose heart I accidentally smashed.

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