Built on Time, Nurtured by Chance, Kept in Prayer

Exactness defines her that everything she does should always be a calculated risk. All her life, she dedicated to her work and for avenues of learning towards professional development on her career. She is a family oriented woman but never been yet into a relationship. No boyfriend since birth.

The world he has to choose could bar him from having a family of his own. He already wore that sacred garb all his life. However, he decided to leave, to at least explore the world he has soon to serve. His focus to what he will be, deprived him of the rites manhood has to pass from.

Their worlds are opposite to one another. Her numbers prove that life should have a lifetime investment while his decision to leave opens another option of vocation to pursue. Though their careers are different, they were not at all strangers to one another. Ten years ago, they were in the same room for a Math class.

Pursuing different career separates their ways together. There was then a communication between them because of a common friend. Even though how much they wanted to be online together, the line each one chose is at times offline. For him, outside communication is limited. She waited and until such time, it stopped.

She never lose hope that sooner or later, their connection will resume. Many men try to win her heart but she remains hopeful. Knowing that he was already in the proper level of becoming alter Christus, she still waits even if her friends and her suitors advise her not to.

Years in between were challenging to both of them.

She almost lost her mother for a rare fatal disease. Her family exhausted every resource available. She may have all the reasons to give up that time, but she hoped against hope. Her mother survived and so she and her family.

After two years in proper theology, he decided to leave. That time, he closed a door to let another open. It was also the start of his teaching career. He became online but never has the courage of waving at her. In the passing of months, he greeted good tiding during yuletide, she replied. They exchanged messages again and decided to meet, at last. Baguio.

She came for an auditing engagement. He arrived earlier to look for books for better instruction. They are not yet officially together yet they were together that time. She thought it will be a chance. He admitted it was only a casual encounter. He left her knowing she was new to that place. She let him go having hope that he may still stay. It was to no avail, she felt brokenhearted.

Where do broken hearts go? She roamed around Burnham Park, let someone rowed the boat for her, befriended that stranger and had a cup of coffee together. She was then very aloft and cannot figure out that a man whom she knew of and she had been waiting for a long time can still leave her. It opened the door for her to focus more in her career, her hobby of running and go on dates referred to by her friends. She exerted much effort to forget him. And all her efforts reduced to nil.

He went back home as if nothing happened. But he was happy that the girl whom he tells to his brothers became his companion even just for a day. He thought it will be the end of everything but it became the start of knowing her more despite stalking her then in social media. He lost his connection again until such time he chatted her to ask if she pursued entering to law school.

Back then, she went for palm reading. She was so interested in knowing who would be her first boyfriend. The clairvoyant told her that her would-be-boyfriend will be someone studying law. That was a surprise for her, knowing that the man who left her in Baguio, was now a law student. His message asking her if she pursued law school opened the door again to that hopeful love.

It was near to his birthday when he messaged her of going to law school. She surprised him, she bought him a book in introduction to law with a short message. She sent it to the school where he was then teaching. He got surprised that it was the first gift he received all his life from a girl.

Communication continued until finally, they met and became officially together. She waited him for a long time like a passenger waiting for the right bus to bring her to her destination. It was in waiting a bus they met together, and together they held hands trudging the road towards their destination. It was the only time she let her hands be held by a man. For him, that was the feeling of what other call, love. She considered it as her best Christmas gift ever. And he in turn made his decision that another call was still possible to pursue.

Getting official was not so easy. Each tried to let them meet first their family and relatives before uploading it to social media. She made a very long post announcing that it took ten years to forever. He was not into social media but that was the start that he could now call someone, his ‘gf,’ his only love.

Months have passed and that love was challenged and still is. He already tried giving her up but she still held on. She at times would let him go whenever he asks to but he cannot go on anymore without her. Many things have already happened to both of them. And many will still happen in the near future. But then, as long as they keep on going back on how they have become together, their love will remain and will ever be stronger to hurdle what will still come.

They say that once you are fated with someone, time will make a way. One could come to the point of waiting in vain for it will be seemed impossible. One could be as well be pressured for time passes and friends keep on teasing. But no matter what, trust the process. Great things come to those who can really wait. And it is a love built on time, nurtured by chance, kept in prayer which is a love worthy to be forever!

That was their story, that is our story.

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