You Never Had Me At Hello

The screaming silence of this place is starting to kill me. The scorching afternoon heat harassing my skin made me want to run and look for a tall tree and hide under its shade. But I couldn’t because you were there with me. Again. It’s been a long time since I saw your face. We just stood there, at the entrance and decided to be glued on that spot for a moment.

How long has it been? I asked as I stared at the old damaged letters making up the name of this fortress. Our mighty fortress to be exact.

I grabbed the gate handle and slowly opened it producing a sound brought by the interaction of rusty metals that broke the stillness hanging in the air. I looked at your direction and you just smiled. And as the summer wind blows and gently kissing our skin, we went inside, and strode to our favorite spot.

Do you still remember the most despicable trick master of all? I asked and you immediately pointed your finger on my wrist where a pink watch was strapped on it. This time, I was the one who smiled. Of course, you do remember.


It gave the both of us something we were longing for ever since we were kids. The feeling of being accepted.

It made us something that we will both cherish forever. The chance of meeting each other.

It booked us something that we really enjoyed. A trip called friendship.

And then, it offered us something that we hoped for from the start. The moment of falling in love.

I stared at you while reminiscing the memories we both shared. How I wish to go back again. If and only if.

And then, tears came rolling down my cheeks as I remembered how the trick master played on us.


It gave the both of us something we never longed or even dreamt about. The feeling of being shattered into million pieces.

It made us something that we will never ever forget. The chance of letting go of each other.

It booked us to Wonderland but halfway ticket only. The next trip was then called despair.

And then, it offered us something that we didn’t want as an ending. The moment of bidding goodbye.

You wiped my tears and stared at me.



Three seconds passed and you kissed my forehead like you used to before when you were alive. I hugged you and whispered to your ear.

Our friends said that you already had me at hello. But I totally disagree. You had me at the very beginning with no words spoken and no actions taken. You had me at first glance, and for me that was magic.





Five seconds went by and you also whispered enough for me to hear.

Welcome home, at last honey.

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About the Author

Carl Nino Renon
Carl Nino RenonManaging Editor
Carl is a BS Accountancy graduate from the University of Northern Philippines. He was the Editor-In-Chief of JPIA-UNP's The Ledger for two years. He likes listening to music and watching movies or kdramas during his spare time. He loves reading fantasy books intended for ages 8-12 and mostly dives into mysteries and thriller novels from his favorite authors. Sometimes when he feels like it, he switches to YA novels with ordinary plots and twists. He's aspiring to become a thriller writer someday. He often takes pictures with his phone and posts it on his Instagram account.