About VoicePoints

It was established in May 2010 as ‘The Blog of Innocence: SilentVoice Points,’ a personal blog. The blog was re-branded as VoicePoints in December 2014 to give Filipino writers (beginners and professionals) around the world an opportunity to share inspiring stories, informative news and entertaining content; to provide readers factual findings and encourage them to take actions for social change; and to let leaders, innovators and organizations to advertise their products and services.

VoicePoints covers today’s headlines and scours different media for trending topics. It publishes news stories from different sources with factual basis, articles written by its team of authors, and points, opinions, views from readers.

Its primary purpose is to help aspiring writers and journalists to further their careers, to hone their skills and to recognize them for their exemplary contribution to the Philippine media and literature.

Why VoicePoints?

Broadcast and social media allows people to share their own story. In a world with different perspectives, we read but we don’t try to understand one’s view. We listen but we don’t have a good conversation where we get one’s point.

You have your own voice but who listens? You have your points but who cares? VoicePoints is about sharing opinion. It is about starting a good conversation and we end up with a clear goal. That is to unite as one. Working together with different views and opinions. Respecting everyone’s culture.