Just Go On: A Story of Delays, Failures and Not-Yets


This is a chapter of my life I want to share to all of you. This won’t take much of your time. Sana basahin niyo.

A few reminders:

1. I would like to dedicate this thread to those who took the May 2018 CPA Licensure Exam but did not make it. Malapit kayo sa puso ko.

2. I don’t want you to face the same struggles I faced so if you are struggling right now, this thread is also for you.

3. It has always been one of my aspirations in life to be a beam of hope even just to someone. So, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are going through right now, I hope that after this, you realize that things will get better (and the truth is, they always do).

I grew up in a clan of achievers. Madaming pressures, pero once nakasanayan mo, rewarding naman.

So fast forward. I took the OCTOBER 2015 CPALE. After the exam, lahat sila naghihintay na lang kung magto-top ako o hindi. A part of me, honestly, also did. We were THAT confident.

I failed.

It was devastating. I was in denial. I can’t forget that it was after Christmas that I finally cried. I felt all the sadness and disappointment that night. I was so broken. Akala ko noon hindi ko kakayanin. Para akong nawalan ng direksyon sa buhay.

MAY 2016 CPALE – Hindi ako nag-take. Emote emote pa ako ng mga panahon na ‘yon. And honestly, wala na talaga sa isip ko mag-retake.

OCTOBER 2016 CPALE – Yup, still emote emote. Hindi pa din ako nag-take. Hanggang sa nag-decide na ako na, push na, take na tayo sa next batch.

I took the MAY 2017 CPALE. And this time, I was really, really excited. May mga shotgun answers pero alam mo ‘yon, ramdam na ramdam ko nakuha ko exam e.

I failed. 74.5 ang GWA ko. ‘Yong passing? 75. 🙂

That .5 is just 3 correct answers in any of the 6 subjects. I was THAT close.

So, eto na naman, I took the OCTOBER 2017 CPALE. Heto na talaga. Super mega extra feel ko na ‘yong pagpasa talaga. Pero no joke, ang hirap ng Tax. Nakakaiyak. But still, umasa akong papasa na.

I failed.

Well technically, ‘di ako bagsak, pero you see, I still did not pass.

So for the freaking nth time, I took the MAY 2018 CPALE (but only the condi subjects: AFAR 72 and TAX 57).

And guess what, I passed (FINALLY!!!!).

(Wait pahingi ng moment, iyak muna ako saglit. Okay, done.)

I’m not saying it’s okay to fail kasi pwede namang mag-retake. IT’S NOT THAT EASY. Nakakawala ng confidence and self-esteem. So if you’re reviewing for the next exam, study smart and tiis-tiis lang. Worth it!!!

You know what, no matter how much you work for things you badly want, minsan hindi (muna) talaga binibigay.

But just go on.

Your time will come.

My delay could have been someone else’s answered prayer.

My failure could have been someone else’s miracle.

My not-yet could have been someone else’s yes.

Bumagsak ako sa board exam. Madaming beses.

Pero sabi nga nila, wala namang nagbibilang kung ilang beses tayong nagpakatanga sa pag-ibig ‘di ba? Kaya kung gustung-gusto mo talaga ‘yang 3 letters na yan, bangon lang, push.

I am Russell Lawrence M. Viray and I am a May 2018 Certified Public Accountant.

This is my success story and it’s not yet over.

So is yours.


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About the Author

Russell Lawrence Viray
Russell Lawrence Viray
Russell is a Certified Public Accountant and is now pursuing his dream to be a lawyer. He aspires to create an impact in the community one day. He believes that for one to truly live, one must live for others. He vowed to serve the community relentlessly and give back selflessly.