#GuerreroMovie kicks off with Red Carpet premiere

From the makers of the international award-winning film ‘Walang Take Two’ comes ‘Guerrero’, a story about the ups and downs of a boxer’s life. The film is slated to be shown in 57 cinemas nationwide starting 12 November 2017.

Press and personalities had a special red carpet advanced screening at SM Megamall Cinema 4 in 30 October.

‘JBK’, the first Filipino boy band to join X Factor UK, performed during the premiere night.

MOVIE REVIEW: Guerrero is resilient

Guerrero is written and directed by Carlo Ortega Cuevas, who won the Best Director in Foreign Language for the film Walang Take Two at the 2016 International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London and the Best New Comer Filmmaker of the Year at the World Film Awards in Indonesia. Not only that, the Filipino independent movie produced by the Iglesia Ni Cristo won the much-coveted ‘Best Film’ award, as well as the ‘best cinematography in a foreign language film’ in the 2016 Madrid International Film Festival.

Teaming up with Cuevas for the cinematography of Guerrero is Giancarlo Escamillas, who won the Best Cinematography in a Foreign Language Film at the Madrid International Film Festival.

Newcomer Genesis Gomez plays Ramon Guerrero, a boxer who is used to losing, with a brother named Miguel (Julio Cesar Sabenorio), always cheering on his side. Guerrero’s love interest is Abby played by Joyselle Cabanlong.

By tapping new actors, what is seemingly the weakness of the movie is the film’s major strength. Cuevas, in his award-winning works, s known for his creation of real, sincere and innocent characters that people can easily relate to, like Hapi in EBC’s sitcom ‘Hapi ang Buhay’, and this time, Ramon Guerrero.

Watch Guerrero full trailer below:

Like basketball, boxing can freeze time in Filipinos’ lives. It is very close to every Filipino’s hearts and for many times, the sport has unified the country as a nation. “Ito rin ang sport na literal na babagsak ka at kailangan mong bumangon,” Cuevas described.

Guerrero is also the first venture of EBC Films in the production of inspirational movies. EBC Films anticipate that it will make people laugh and cry, but most importantly, it wants to inspire Filipinos here and around the world to face life with greater vigor and fight for their faith with stronger zeal.

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