VP for Academics to becoming CPA

Once, there’s a high school honor student who doesn’t know what course to take in college. She was so confused on how and why almost all of her classmates were sure what path they want to take but not her. Come the day of enrollment, she still didn’t know what to choose, but for some reasons, she decided to check that box which says “Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.”

To her, college is like a roller coaster ride. Many times you will slowly go up, and then all of sudden you will fall so fast. It seems that there’s no way you will ever come back up high again. Yet, she wants to say “Don’t worry because that is when and where you will learn the best things in life”.

Competition is in her blood and Accountancy gave it to her. She was in the lowest in the first few quizzes but she knew that won’t be enough to get her down. She persevered and got to the top but not until on her second year. She really had a hard time understanding the concepts of her major subjects. There she lost her chance to receive a Latin honor award – the goal which keeps her interested in the course. She was devastated and she lost the will to give her best. She also thought there’s no other way she would be getting any award on their graduation day.

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, also known as JPIA, renewed her interest in Accountancy. Being the VP for Academics, she developed different skills that she might be poor at if she didn’t knew JPIA – Leadership, Time Management, Interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure, among others. She might not be the best Accountancy student in the university but she got the chance to be a part of winning the 57 regional and 30 national quizbowl awards for the federation year 2018-2019. JPIA taught her to love accounting again and above that, she earned an Outstanding Student Leader award.

After graduation comes the CPA board exam, many doubted her, including her own self, because aside from “Org is life,” she is just an average student. Most of the days she would study and cry. Sometimes, she would sleep and smile. The days are getting shorter and she taught she should’ve focused on her studies instead of participating in the organization back in college but later realized that the detours in her life are part of God’s plan on making her the best version of herself. Truth be told, she gained the CPA goal not on her way but God’s perfect way.

Getting your goal is a long path. It will never be straight and you might get lost on the way, but keep in mind that you need to see the beauty in that detour. It might not be your planned direction but it will still lead you to your desired place. Glory be to God!

To you who’s reading this, keep the faith! You will get there.

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Jocel Ann Guerra
Jocel Ann Guerra
Jocel is an Accountancy graduate from the University of Caloocan City and also a former VP for Academics of university's local chapter of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants. She received the Most Outstanding Elfin Local Chapter Award last April 2019 during the NFJPIA-NCR Year-end Awards. She passed the 2019 October Licensure Examination for CPAs
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