VoicePoints announces finalists for its Social Media Awards 2017

After two years, VoicePoints Social Media Awards is back. With its 2017 edition, new rules and regulations are implemented. Who will be the next Pinoy of the Year?

Social Media Awards is an annual search of VoicePoints that features and profiles a person, group, idea or object that “for better or for worse, …has done the most to influence the events of the year.”

In 2014, VoicePoints recognized Brillante Mendoza as the Pinoy of the Year. In 2013, Atom Araullo, who garnered 40,173 votes, was named Pinoy of the Year. In 2012, three different personalities from different fields were recognized for their contribution to the Philippine arts and social services – Nora Aunor (Pinoy of the Year), Jesse Robredo (VoicePoints Leadership Excellence Award), and Dolphy Quizon (VoicePoints Alagad ng Sining Award).

This year, VoicePoints Social Media Awards gets bigger as it recognizes not only Filipinos but organizations that influenced this generation and contributed a big impact to the society.

Meet the finalists of this year’s Social Media Awards by clicking the category link below.

  1. Pinoy of the Year
  2. Pinoy Organization of the Year
  3. Pinoy Social Media Icon of the Year
  4. Most Beautiful Pinay of the Year
  5. Hottest Pinoy of the Year
  6. Pinoy Leader of the Year
  7. Pinoy Sports Icon of the Year
  8. Pinoy Performer of the Year
  9. Pinoy Group Performer of the Year
  10. Pinay Act of the Year
  11. Pinoy Act of the Year
  12. Pinoy Kontrabida of the Year
  13. Pinoy Couple of the Year
  14. Pinoy Celeb Family of the Year
  15. Pinoy Teen Icon of the Year
  16. Young Pinoy Star of the Year
  17. Pinoy Star Fashionista of the Year
  18. Pinoy News Personality of the Year
  19. Pinoy Teleserye of the Year
  20. Pinoy Reality Star of the Year
  21. Pinoy TV Station of the Year
  22. Pinoy Movie of the Year
  23. OPM Artist of the Year
  24. Pinoy TV Commercial of the Year
  25. Pinoy Destination of the Year
  26. Pinoy LSS of the Year

Voters can now include nominee and eliminate nominee from each of the above category. For the mechanics, please follow the category link above.

The announcement of winners will be held on 31 December 2017.