How to avoid self-doubt

Self-doubt, whether it is brought upon certain circumstances in your life or you’ve inflicted it on yourself can devastate just about anyone. No one is immune to self-doubt because even if the most powerful people experience it and they may not publicly tell it but whenever they are alone dark things cover up their minds.

Fighting self-doubt can be an ongoing process and it’s very frustrating. You can come out of it today and feel very alive the next day but the day after there it is again haunting you and making you think you’re not good enough.

Avoiding self-doubt is not easy and you will need plenty of determination and self-reassurance. It’s a constant battle that you will win if you are persevering.

Here are some of the things that you may want to do the moment self-doubt comes knocking through your door.

✨Acknowledge that there is a problem because fighting it will do you no good.

✨Immediately fill your heart and mind with positive self-affirmations like “I know I’m valuable and I don’t have to chase people just so I will have friends.” “I’m unique and I am my own person and I love me for me.”

✨Evaluate the toxic people in your life; if you can’t live without them because they are family, relatives or really close friends and even a boyfriend you need to talk to them and tell them honestly that they are being harsh on you causing you to doubt yourself. If they value you and your feelings, they will try to change their nasty attitude towards you but if nothing has changed since you need to choose – your self-worth and sanity or theirs.

✨Choose the people who choose you time and again, period.

✨Rely on people who truly loves you and treasure you as a person because they will never let you down.

✨Know that sometimes people don’t intentionally give bad opinions and such and if you are being too sensitive you may want to re-evaluate yourself and do meditation techniques to improve your mood because often times the lack of communication is the reason for misunderstandings.

✨In case you’ve forgotten, remind yourself of all your achievements. Remind yourself of your beauty which many sees. Remind yourself that peace and love comes from within you.

✨If you’re feeling weak because life is being hard seek the grace of God for guidance because he will never fail you.

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