CPA Story: It’s your time now

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Confucius

It has been a year since He granted the three significant letters I am longing to have. Until now, I still can’t believe the life changing event that happened in my life. My dreams turned into reality, my prayers were truly answered and my hard work paid off.

A lot of people have high expectations on Latin honor graduates, they were the ones who are expected to pass the board exam the moment they took it. But mine was different. I am a graduate with Latin honor, but I wasn’t able to pass the board exam once. At first, I thought that this was my downfall and I am a failure. I was very disappointed with myself for not passing the exam because I wasn’t able to meet the expectations of my family, relatives, friends and professors. I can’t do anything but to accept it. It was God’s will. But that failure served as a lesson for me to stand up and fight for my dream again. Before going to that battle, I think I was more than prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. My goal was to top the board exam and even the pre-board exams (which was always granted) so I shut down all my social media accounts to focus on my review and some friends and family are the only ones whom I told that I will take the exam again to at least lessen the pressure on my part.

The night before the exam, I asked Him to give me a sign if this year is the perfect time. And yes, He gave me a sign, not just one but three. I received the first sign on the first day of exam. It was posted in the board of my room a phrase “it’s your time now” which I smiled for He gave me an immediate response on my wish. The second sign was given an hour after the last day of my exam. I crossed the road and I saw a new car that passed me by and saw its personalized plate number starts with ‘CP’ and a corresponding number and I immediately asked Him an ‘A’ to complete the ‘CPA’. A few minutes after, there was a procession of Black Nazarene near my apartment and when I look out the window, a guy who was pulling the rope of the procession was wearing a maroon shirt and there I saw a big letter ‘A’ printed on his shirt. By that time, I already claimed my title. But I didn’t tell to anyone all those signs. I just kept it and would share it on the day of the results. The last sign appeared in my dreams two night before the release of results. In my dream, someone congratulated me for passing the board exam and the other persons who appeared in my dream are just smiling at me.

The night before the results day – I will never forget that moment, I was totally nervous, as if I’m competing for a pageant waiting for the winners to be announced. My whole body then was really shaking leading me hard to sleep that night. The tension was really high. When the day has come, we don’t have electric current and signals, my phone has only few battery life left and there are no signal because of a typhoon that hit Ilocos Norte. I really don’t know what’s happening at that time. At around 3PM in the same day, I tried to send a message to my own number saying “Congrats Mac Anthony Pastor, CPA! October 2016! Yass!” and the message was sent meaning that cellphone signals are okay now and I received different messages from different numbers congratulating me for passing the CPA board exam!

To confirm if it’s true, I open my social media accounts and there I received messages and posts from my friends congratulating me and I checked the official website of PRC for the result. “3802 PASTOR, MAC ANTHONY BRUNO.”  I just didn’t spoke up, I just don’t know what to say with my shocked… I gave my phone to Mama and Papa to confirm that it’s true. Their reaction was priceless. Incomparable. Finally, their first-born child is now a CPA. The first CPA in both Pastor and Bruno clan. Their dreams turned into joyful reality since that day, October 20, 2016.

I just said it’s Gods will! He wanted this to happen. This is God’s perfect time. All glory and praises are all unto Him.

In this journey to my CPA title, one important lesson I learned is to NEVER GIVE UP in your dreams. You should never give up no matter how hard the situation is, always believe that something amazing is going to happen. Just like me, I failed on my first try but I was able to bounce back harder after that failure in my life.

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Mac Anthony Pastor
Mac Anthony Pastor
Mac Anthony is a Certified Public Accountant. He graduated from Northwestern University.