CPA Story: Dream Unlocked

The recently concluded CPA licensure examination made us feel anxious and nervous for a drastic decline of the national passing rate. Some of you may have consider not to push through the board exam and take another path. But I hope you find enlightenment and hold your horses back to ace that three letters you’ve worked hard for more than 5 years. 

Just like you, my road to CPA wasn’t smooth. It was crooked and curved, I failed not just once or twice but thrice. I was on my 5th yr sometime in May 2018 when I had problems with my academics. On the same year also I was a regional officer of an organization. Tedious preparations for the events and difficult examinations during accounting review (act rev), akala ko kaya kung pagsabayin. Pero it turned out na kahit quiz lang sa act rev, hindi ko pa kayang maipasa. Sem was over and I was hoping that I can make it but God has other plans for me. I failed and wasn’t able to graduate on time. Sobra akung lugmok. Iniyakan ko buong magdamag the fact na yong ibang batchmates ko gra-graduate sila at mag ro-road to PICC. That was the greatest failure I had so far. Akala ko sapat na yung effort na binigay ko, pero kulang na kulang pa pala. 

It was hard for me to find the strength I needed to pick up myself and continue the degree program I’ve worked hard for 5 years. I looked for several schools who can offer me one sem only so that I can take the October 2018 CPA boards. But it was not meant for me. So I decided to re-enroll my acc rev in FEU. By God’s grace, I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree in accountancy last month of 2018 and was able to take the May 2019 CPA boards. 

I was so excited for the actual boards. Finally matatapos na yung ilang months na preparations, makakatulog na ng more than 8 hours and mapapanuod ko na yung TV series na gusto ko. With the extensive preparations I had with myself and with the review center, I know I’m prepared but I still need His divine intercession, so I had a Visita Iglesia a day prior to actual boards. 

Results are out and by the time I saw my name in the list, I can’t contain myself. I was shouting inside the house, I even bother my 82-year old grandmother who was sleeping during that time to tell her that I passed the licensure examination. And until today, I still can’t believe that I am now a certified public accountant. All the challenges I went through just to get here have paid off. 

The road to CPA is very challenging. You will face a lot of difficulties and problems along the way but I believe that with determination, courage and faith in yourself and with God, you will defenitely get that title you’ve always wanted for. Finally, sa lahat nang nadapa, bumangon at patuloy na lumalaban just to get their CPA dream unlocked, I am sharing my CPA journey to all of you. It’s a long journey indeed, but because of hardwork and prayers, I know you can make it too. Laban para sa pangarap! 

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Luis Antonio Napoles
Luis Antonio Napoles
Luis Antonio is a BS Accountancy graduate from Far Eastern University-Manila.
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