CPA Story | Braving my Weaknesses

Being a CPA was really not my dream career, it is to become a pilot. But due to financial difficulty, I took my study in a public school in the province of Goa, Camarines Sur that I never regret. During admission process, I was given a chance to choose what course I wanted to take up. Accountancy caught my attention because of my background in bookkeeping way back in high school. My four-year life as an Accountancy student was full of ups and downs. I embraced it.

I must say that graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy was hard. Having tri-semesters, with just a week of vacation coupled with qualifying exams every year level was not easy. With the God’s help, with my friends, mentors and family, I survived those sleepless nights and challenges. I congratulate those persons that have same experience as mine. You did a great job – be proud of it.

They said completing the course is not enough if you will not take the CPA Licensure Examination (CPALE). Part of it is taking a formal review with known review schools. I challenged myself by reviewing in Naga City. I took the review seriously. I motivated myself to go beyond my limit to be on the top though it is impossible. I didn’t make it to the list in the first assessment. I wanted to cry but crying can’t help. Instead, I studied harder by having only three hours of sleep every day. Thank God, I made it by being placed sixth in the overall assessment. This motivated and gave me hope.

During CPALE, before the examination start, I silently prayed to Him to guide and give me peace of mind as I answer the toughest questions of my life. Since from the start, I never doubted my capacity and I felt comfortable as I read and shade the circles for the answer. Never did I hesitate my answers. Praises be unto Him. He never let me down whenever I needed.

As examination ended, I started to feel the agony of waiting. I was home during May 29, 2017 which was the day the results of examination would be released. Internet connection problem goes along with my nervousness. I was supposed to turn off my phone to avoid fake greetings. The result was delayed as it extended my suffering. A friend called, at last, not to comfort but to congratulate me. All of the sacrifices and miseries were paid off. Tears fell from my two wakeful eyes. I still can’t believe what happened. I proudly announced to my family that they now have a CPA.

At this point in time, when you ask me what were the lessons I’ve learned from this journey – be patient, humble and believe yourself for everything starts when you trust who you are. It is not in the school you graduated, nor the review school you attended. It is how you work hard and rise after every failure that knocked you down. Be brave to face your weakness for tomorrow will make a better you than yesterday. Trust God for He knows not what you want but what’s the best for you at the right time and at the right place.

To all incoming CPALE takers, may God bless you all. You’re one step closer to your dream. Reaching this far is an achievement to be proud of.

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About the Author

Breathern Oliver
Breathern Oliver
Breathern graduated from Partido State University in Goa, Camarines Sur. He is currently an external auditor from R.G. Manabat & Co. (KPMG in the Philippines).