CPA Story: A Leap of Faith

I know it sounds quite a cliché, but taking up Accountancy was never really in my plan. I don’t even know much about the course, and I was one of those people who thinks that “puro add-minus lang ang Accountancy”. However, I was so hooked up with volleyball then, when one of my friends mentioned the NCR JPIALYMPICS, I immediately convinced myself that I’ll take up Accountancy to play. Petty, but it is true.

In college, I realized that the course was more than just what I thought it to be. “Tara na shift!”, “bakit ba tayo nag-Accountancy?”, “ayaw ko na”, these were some of our lines before because we really didn’t know how we’ll make it through sem-on-sem. But with and through God’s grace, we made it.

After graduating, I took up my review course in ReSA. I admit, I entered the review school not knowing a lot of things. I even considered taking up a second review as early as Day 1. But what changed my perspective that time was when Sir Macariola said “magtiwala lang kayo sa’min, hindi naman namin kayo hahayaang bumagsak ng hindi lumalaban”. It made me realize that more than hard work, I need to have faith, not just in God, but in the people around me as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the October 2018 CPA licensure exam, but I didn’t fail as well. Though my general average was .33 point shy of a passing remark, I got a conditional status.  Immediately after the results, I wrote #CPAByMay2019 in front of my study table to remind myself to focus on the goal. Despite the setback, I tried to look for the silver lining in it. I told myself that taking the October 2018 exam was never really my plan, but I took it nevertheless because I believed that it was God’s way of lessening my burden come May 2019.

I re-enrolled at ReSA, but I never attended a single regular review class. But nevertheless, I know to myself that I prepared well enough. I answered all the pre-week quizzers and pre-board examinations of different review schools, books, etc. over and over, until I ran out of materials to answer. But despite that, I never really felt prepared, and I realized, this was the same feeling I had last October. That’s why prior to the actual board exam, I had  doubts if I will go for it, or defer so as not to waste the conditional status that I have. Then it hit me, maybe Spiderman was right when he said you’ll never really know when you’re ready because it is a leap of faith.

So days before the actual board, I was one of those cheering #KamiNaman for UST in the UAAP. To motivate and calm myself, I came up with my own #AkoNaman to cheer myself up. And so, setting all doubts aside, since I told myself that it’s now my time, I decided to push through with one thing in my mind “hindi ka papasa kung hindi ka mag-tatake”, which is true.

And I did it! I passed the board exam. Seeing my name as the 1432nd passer, it put a smile on my face. I became part of the 1,699 who made history in yet another very controversial board exam. Now, I can finally say that I’m done. For the last six years, this has been the steadiest  goal in my mind. And now, I’m up for the new things to come.

I didn’t realize this back then, but that “petty reason” that convinced me to take up Accountancy was God’s way of saying that He is propelling me, not to the direction I intended to take, but to where He wants me to be. And I believe that this is where He wants me to be. I may have stumbled and fall, but that’s all part of the journey. Moreover, I learned to trust Him even more throughout this journey.

What I want to pass on to everyone here is that just because you didn’t see your name in the list of passers doesn’t mean that you failed. And just because you’re not where you want to be right now doesn’t mean that all your efforts and experiences are worthless. Like me, God is just propelling you to a direction other than what you intended. His delays are never denials. You may have stumbled now, but do not be discouraged. Stand up! Adjust the timeline but never the goal. The Lord works on His own schedule, not ours, and His timing will always be perfect. All you have to do is have faith and courage. Don’t give up!

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Pau Santos
Pau Santos
A Perpetualite CPA by God's grace and an NFJPIA-NCR Alumnus