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Welcome to my new blog segment – the Kuripot Travel Adventures!
Being a travel enthusiast, it has long been my dream to be able to write about my travel adventures and misadventures.
Why kuripot? Kuripot is a Filipino term which means frugal. It’s not wrong to be thrifty. It is a sign that you are in control of yourself and well-disciplined in following your travel plans.
So read on, enjoy, and tell me your thoughts about it!
Welcome to my first ever trip – for free! Allow me to take you in the deep blue sea. Get some tips from me.
The MOTTO for this trip – fistbump.
This trip is actually our Company Summer Outing. Kurips, the first tip to being a kuripot but a well rounded traveler is to grab every free thing legit that is offered to you. Do not hesitate.
Our Summer trip was divided into two – we had company activities in the morning and the other half of the day is for leisure time.

We were given the choice to either enjoy the water activities or watch the shows at Ocean Adventure.

Now here’s another KuripoTip: If you are only given a little time and given choices on what to explore, take the activity that you’d most unlikely to be able to do again. Like in this case, I can be able to do the water activities in other places that I would be visiting while exploring Ocean adventure would most likely be a once in a lifetime.
My third KuripoTip: Seize every opportunity for you to explore and enjoy the place. Take pictures of every moment. Get lost but know your tracks.
At the end of every travel, everybody wants to take home mementos and not just mere pictures. The problem is you’re too kuripot to even cash out for a simple key chain. Here’s KuripoTip #4: If you want tangible memorabilia aside from your selfie shots – take the show ticket home with you! You could paste in your travel journal, place it in your wallet or pin it to your heart.

Now you had fun, gained new experiences and stored new memories. Don’t forget the most important one: GAIN NEW FRIENDS, MEET NEW PEOPLE because the greatest pleasure of a true kuripot is not only to have spent-less and enjoyed-much but most importantly to have new people into their lives. That is KuripoTip #5.

Thank you for traveling along with me. This has been your thrifty travel buddy – CHAripot.

‘Til our next adventure!
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