CPA Story: One more shot

It starts with you, ends with you.

It was May 2016 when I found myself in a room full of aspiring fellows, a room filled with hope, dreams, and different stories, but with one goal: to grab the CPA title.

First weeks in the review school, I remained calm and relaxed, thinking that the exam is still months away.

Met new people, eat-outs, slept early – because the lessons are still easy. Of course, I also attend to church.

But I was wrong. Months away from review is not enough. Months felt like days.

One mistake that I did – I didn’t stick with my review routine. I became too complacent.

Days before the exam felt like hours. Rush reviews, late sleeps. And I felt that was enough. My confidence came back. With the result of my pre-boards, my trust for myself came back somehow.

I reviewed harder and prayed more. I was back on track.

My mind set was: “If i pass, I’ll be able to fulfill my other dreams and make my family proud;” but if I fail, “I don’t know.”

I made the CPA board exam the basis of my future, my life. I made it define me.

October 2016 board exam result: I failed. Yes, I failed. I failed my self, my family, and my future.

The world fell on me. My dreams are gone. I did my best, but why? I was ashamed of myself. I was a failure. I was like “what’s next?”

I was lost. Because I did not prepare any plan if ever I fail.

It was hard to move on.

But all the negativity went away when my family pushed me to have one more shot.

One more shot to prove my self, to have that title. I didn’t have any second thoughts. I enlisted for the May 2017 exam.

This is it. I changed my views, my routine. I learned from my failure.

This time, I sacrificed a lot. I reviewed much harder, I changed my mind set. I focused on my goal – not to fail.

I trusted my self that I can do it. I strengthened my faith, prayed more, and stopped depending on prayer alone.

May 2017, I became a CPA. It took me two tries to finally have it.

To all the examinees, have faith in your self. It begins with you, ends with you.

No matter how hard the road is, still focus on your goal. No matter how long it takes, don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve.

Pray, but remember that God will only guide you, it’s you who will help your self. When you stumble, stand up. ONE MORE SHOT! Make it your plan B to Z.

Don’t ever give up on yourself, because at the end of the day, it’s your right hand holding your left hand, while talking to the one above.


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Leonard Angelo Cuaresma
Leonard Angelo Cuaresma
LA is a Certified Public Accountant. He graduated from Northwestern University, Laoag. LA is currently working as an Accounting Specialist at P&A Grant Thornton.
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