SIOPAO TRAVELS: Summer Camp in Batangas beach

It was actually a spontaneous out-of-town trip (for me) because it’s my parents who insisted me to go with my brother instead of my highschool buddies. It was supposed to be our reunion but my mom had last-minute-change-of-mind because she found out something…
I’m not really friends with the people I’ll be with (like, I really haven’t met them yet except from the 5 of them which are my brother’s girlfriend – ate Owen, kuya Mark, kuya Fahad and ate Cheska) but all of them treated me nicely and they were so friendly. By the way, these people I’m talking about are my brother’s friends whom I barely know and really older than me (I was the youngest there besides Isla, a 5-year-old girl, daughter of Kuya Mark’s friend.) I guess we are more or less 25 people, all in all.So this beach where we stayed for 2 days and 1 night (May 10-11) is located at Lian, Batangas, just a few kilometers away from Tagaytay. The place is beautiful and cozy, For me, its a paradise.Day 1

There were no cottages there so they brought tents so that we could sleep comfortably.

With my brother’s girlfriend, ate Owen
With ate Cheska, my brother’s friend

Beautiful sunset by the beach. Favorite time of the day…always




I was still a gradeschooler since I last experienced and saw an actual bonfire. (I was a girlscout back then, that’s why :P) I can’t explain the feeling. All I know is that, I fell in love with it.

Day 2

I woke up to this tattoo which says “Niel” written by my bother’s
annoying, crazy, retarded, psycho friend, Niel. LOL My brother actually
have the same tattoo.

I will never get tired waking up to this kind of scenery. Omgsh

My tent buddy with our JWU faces

Sharing the duyan with ate Cheska. Hello feet





Experimented with Camera360’s self timer. Lol sorry not sorry

Kuya Mark, the birthday boy, is the one who’s holding the monopod. Beside him is Wilma Doesnt, a TV actress/comedian.


Named this starfish, Patrick Star. lol






Remembrance photo with this famous artist


More Siopao Travels to come!


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