CPA Story: Passion, Resilience, Perseverance

This is not a story of success as you expected.

This is a story of someone who’s not a traditional achiever but of someone who loves what he does.

Growing up, I wasn’t exactly what you would call an achiever. I was not an honor student since elementary. I even got a grade of 74 in Chemistry in high school. I cut class para tumambay sa comp shop. Due to my low HS general average, I barely even made it to BS Accountancy. I got a 2.5 in a minor subject, which prevented me from having latin honors in college.

But that’s not the point.

When you have that burning passion within you, magiging masipag ka even if you are not. The pages of your textbook would feel like comics as you go through them.

Hindi ako masipag, pero I love what I’m doing. If you are passionate enough with your profession, 12 to 15 hours of continuous studying won’t be that much of a burden to you.

And when you feel that the world is going against you, when others wish to see you fail and doubt that you can be something more, let this be your motivation to prove them wrong. Exceed expectations and let them see your success.

To all those who did not make it, take ownership of your mistake. I’m not saying this to bring you down, but rather to emphasize that improvement comes after acknowledging your mistakes. Nevertheless, always remember to keep moving forward. Do not dwell and just learn from it.

In the end, 100% pa rin naman tayo, just at different times.

And don’t see it as failure, but an opportunity to grow.

To those who wished for my failure,
To those who ever doubted me,
To those who helped me,
To my squad and friends who had been with me throughout my college life,
To the professors who helped build what I know today,
To the authors and reviewers who became the pillars of the accountancy education.
To my parents who loved and supported me in their own way,
And to God.

Thank you.
All of this wouldn’t be possible without your help.

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About the Author

JM Mallare
JM MallareLate Achiever
JM placed fifth in the October 2018 Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants. He graduated from New Era University.