CPA Story | NEVER GIVE UP: My battle for the CPA title

Despite the hurdles that I deal with everyday, there’s one thing that keeps me going to finish the race.

Behind every CPA added to a name is a story of different struggles, and mine goes like this:I used to live a typical life of a student. I thought I was already giving my 100% effort but I was wrong. I was kicked out of the University of Northern Philippines instead.
Bitterness? Blames? At first yes, but it didn’t last that long. I admit I fell short. I continued what I started because I knew then God wants me to become a Certified Public Accountant.
It was when I transferred to the Northwestern University-Laoag that I learned to discipline myself not to enter the classroom unprepared. I used to forget to bring with me my books sometimes but it wouldn’t matter because I read them at night. During exams and quizzes, either I pass or fail, I didn’t stop searching for improvement.Two months after graduation, Review Classes started. Everyone has changed to becoming more studious. It was a turning point where I realized that what I learned from my university instructors, no matter how great teachers they have been, were not yet enough because it was not coupled with my own great efforts. Through patience and perseverance, I strengthened my knowledge on  the topics I know I’m good at, and focused more on the topics I’m not. As I add ideas into my knowledge bank, I was able to prove what they say, “The less you know, the more you think you know much.”

I used to sleep at daytime after class. So while everybody else was sleeping at night, I was wide awake reviewing. At some point I regretted not taking my undergrad seriously. But that’s something I couldn’t turn back so I just doubled my efforts with my remaining limited time to compensate for the wasted ones.


Life in Manila is different from that in the provinces. The infrastructures, the population, the pollution, you got to bear these things to survive. Though I missed my family, I never went home. Every day was routinary but turned out fun because of my friends.


I regularly attended Youth Service at Victory U-Belt to ask enough strength from Him and to throw away my troubles and doubts. I asked Him to sit beside me during the actual board, which I know He did because whenever I can’t solve a problem, something at the back of my mind tells me what to do.


My battle for the CPA title has been long and tough but it was all worth the fight when I saw my name on the list of passers. It’s overwhelming that my family is too proud of what I just achieved.


The old days has gone. I’m about to enter the professional arena I’ve been dreaming of. I know there are greater obstacles lying ahead but I won’t give up. I am now asking for His guidance to make me use His gift for His glory. To please Him and prove that I deserve to be His servant.


To succeed, I didn’t compare myself with the highest nor lowest in class. I just had to go push and be at my best. And FAITH- that’s what keeps me going when all else fails.

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About the Author

Kaye-Ann Buenavista
Kaye-Ann Buenavista
Kaye-Ann completed her accounting degree at the Northwestern University, Laoag. She is one of the 4,246 successful October 2013 Certified Public Accountant Board examinees.