CPA Story: How did I become a CPA?

I did not become a CPA overnight or even in just a year. It’s more than that.

It’s been several days since I saw my name etched on that roll of successful examinees. I tell you it is a mixture of overwhelming joy and heart-pinching sadness. Well not everyone who takes that dreadful exam makes it through, a hurtful reality.

How did I become a Certified Public Accountant? It’s simple and I just realized it after I passed which is but appropriate. Commit, Pray, Achieve. That’s it!

Believe it or not, Accountancy was my first choice even though I know not anything about the course. I held onto the dream that I someday I will become an accountant and I committed myself to it. During my college years I gave everything that I could. I read & solve in advance, I review until dawn (when I’m in the mood and not sleepyJ) and equally important I roam around with my friends. Reading the chapter once to me was not enough to internalize the concepts. Yes, internalize and I am glad I had done it before because those mnemonics I mastered are still in my mind. Mistakes are also good teachers because they remind you where you went wrong so you may get it right this time. Relying on pure luck especially in the board examination is risky. Do what you have to do. After all you make your own luck.

Your attitude towards what you are heading is what keeps you on tract. If you do not love Accounting, I mean by heart, try. I say try because it’s worth it. IT IS WORTH IT.

I did not become a CPA alone. I have God with me all throughout the journey. I constantly asked guidance and good health especially during the review and He never failed me. I took all the exams as if He was right beside me, as if it is the two of us answering the same questions, as if the exam was for me and for Him. I really did and my faith in Him was stronger than ever. God helps and He knows what is best for us. A belief that a God exists makes you human but having faith in the Lord Almighty makes you more. Prayer ALWAYS works and it is effective.

Envisioning yourself with the title will make you more motivated. It is synonymous to passing the board exam and claiming the title. Then you begin to imagine your loved ones rejoicing because of your feat. Then you will have no time to entertain failure. What will remain are the urge and the hope to achieve what you have dreamt of, to make those who believe in you happy and proud.

Those who have been through this journey may agree what I have shared. It is a different feeling when you become a CPA as what they say and I am still on my way to proving it. For now, I am thankful to God for everything that I have. I once did Commit, Pray & Achieve now I can put them together as a 3-letter word forever attached to my name.

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About the Author

Dexter Manantan
Dexter Manantan
Dexter graduated cum laude from the University of Northern Philippines with a bachelor's degree in accountancy. He served as president of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - UNP Chapter and an intern in the audit department of Ilocos Sur Cooperative Medical Mission Group and Hospital. He was also the Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger, the official student publication of JPIA-UNP Chapter, and Managing Editor of CBAA Biznews, the official student publication of UNP - College of Business Administration and Accountancy. Dexter is a JPIA-UNP Goodwill Ambassador.