#TheSoloDrifter in Saudi Arabia | Asir’s Majesty: A Landscape’s Legacy

Asir’s landscape is a masterpiece of contrasts which captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring vistas, pristine natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage. From the towering summits of the Sarawat Mountains to the verdant forests and fertile valleys below, Asir beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike to explore its diverse terrain and discover the untamed beauty that lies within.

Join me on a journey through the stunning landscapes and captivating beauty of the Asir region, where every turn offers a new vista to behold and a new wonder to marvel at.

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What to know about Asir

  1. Asir is a province in the southwest of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Named after the ʿAsīr tribe. 
  3. Abha is the provincial capital, and other towns include Khamis Mushait, Bisha and Bareq. 


  1. A SAPTCO bus station connects Abha to other destinations within Saudi Arabia.
  2. Abha International Airport is the main airport.
  3. Tourists can roam around via private car or taxis.

I first visited Asir province in October 2021. Since then, I regularly visit the province due to its promising weather. On the mountain roads, the environment does not disappoint with its richness and diversity, and when the road takes you to the tops of the mountains, you will see majestic views. Be prepared to take many wonderful pictures, especially when the lines of monkeys appear on the side of the road.

What to do

Paying a visit to Rijal Almaa village 

Whenever someone asks for recommendation, this village is top of my list. The architecture of Rijal Almaa’s was not based solely on aesthetics. Rather, it had a social humanitarian significance in its designs, where family members shared multiple- floors- buildings. Thus, this reflects its social values of this area which have been echoing for more than 700 years. 

A walk between the clouds at Al-Dabab Walkway

The walkway is 2800 m above sea level and is considered the perfect place to spend some exceptional time in Abha, the city of beauty. Fog covers the walkway most of the year. My favorite spot is Joy Venue. It has an affordable entrance fee. Its restaurant has a glass floor where you can see the beauty of Abha. Food and beverages prices range from SAR30 to SAR100.

See street art and witness Jacaranda flower activities

Art Street covered with colorful umbrellas extends on a 200-meter-long sidewalk on King Khaled Road, near Souk al-Thulatha in the center of Abha with its walls decorated with visual and photographic works belonging to the region’s artists. Enjoy the activities held on Art Street in the summer, coinciding with the blooming of the surrounding jacaranda trees, in their breathtaking violet form. In theaters scattered across the street.

Going high at The High City

There are many fun choices in the High City to meet every need. From shows, events and musical nights to family fun activities and kid play spaces.  This venue opens its doors for visitors from 4pm to 2am. 

An adventure with Abha’s iconic cable cars

How about you are surrounded by Sarawat Mountains views? Consider these routes:

Abha Palace Hotel Station: Abu Khayal to the Green Mountain
Abha Al Jadidah Cable Car Station: New Abha Resorts to the Green Mountain
Al Habala Cable Car Station: Al Habala Resort to Al Habala Hanging Village

Keep in mind that the Rijal Almaa and Al Habala hanging village routes operate seasonally, during the summer. 

Witness women creativity at Fatimah’s Museum of Aseeri Woman’s Heritage

Fatimah’s Museum of Aseeri Woman’s Heritage introduces its visitors to the beauty of Al-Qatt Al-Aseeri art by shedding light on its authentic heritage through viewing clips in the museum’s hall, which is full of colors from the nature. The museum also offers its visitors the chance to own products adorned by Al-Qatt Al-Aseeri, ranging from houseware to rocks and painting of different sizes.

Your first step should be at Abha Airport Park

Yes, Abha Airport itself is an attraction. As soon as you set foot out of Abha Airport, about 5 minutes away by car, you will find Abha Airport Park. The park is an ideal destination for strolling, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful city weather.

Other places to visit

There are so much to visit in Asir region. I was not able to visit them but I have selected some to feature as recommended by VisitSaudi. If there are places that you recommend me vising next time, feel free to reach out to me or you can bring me there.

Built on 1836, Al-Abo Sarrah Palaces are among the most prominent historic buildings in Abha. They are located in Al-Aziza village in Soudah, 16 km from the center of Abha. 

Al-Mushait Palaces are located in the South of Khamis Mushait. Their square shape and the materials used for their construction showcase the expertise of the people of the region and their way of benefitting from their virgin nature. 

You will not only see the Aseer legacies in Alraqdi Museum, but it will also open the doors of knowledge that will take you to ancient worlds and historical anecdotes that express the history of ancient Aseer, adorned with the arts of Al-Qatt Al-Aseer made by Aseer women.

If you are a fan of outdoor destinations, the amazement and magic of nature awaits you in Tanomah Front Park in an imaginative experience that starts from a spacious entrance that takes you to green spaces and travels you back to the region’s captivating history.

The Palaces of the Alabu Noqat Al-Mutahami Family, which overlook the banks of Tahallal valley, stand out as one of the most important historic palaces in the Historical Tabab. It consists of 6 sites built of rocky mountain stones. They vary in height with an area of 4,000 m2. The beauty of their design is apparent in their windows and the upper tips of the palaces, which are highlighted in white to lend in with the clouds, which always surprises visitors.

On your way to the Palaces of the Alabu Noqat Al-Mutahami Family, your eyes will catch a glimpse of the minaret of the majestic Historical Tabab Center Mosque, which is made with stones found in the village. 

Where to stay

Looking for an affordable accommodation in Asir region is not a problem. As a summer destination of the Kingdom, Asir region has a lot to offer. But during the peak of its tourism (e.g. summer time), expect high demand so I recommend you having an advance booking before that peak via Booking.com. If you wish to stay in a local’s home, I recommend Darent, Gathern and HiHome.

Recommended hotels are Sarwat Park Hotel, Assalam Palace, Abha Palace Hotel and Boudl Abha Hotel. You may also want staying in a resort like Marina Jewel Resort and New Abha Resort.

As I conclude this blog, I am struck by the boundless wonders awaiting exploration in the Asir region. Reflecting on my journey, I am filled with a sense of anticipation and eagerness to return, eager to uncover more hidden gems and embark on new adventures. As I eagerly anticipate my next visit, I extend an invitation to you, to join me in discovering the richness of Asir’s landscapes and cultures. Whether you’re a local, seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, I welcome your recommendations and insights, eager to delve deeper into the treasures that this remarkable region has to offer.

For other cities and provinces in the Kingdom, visit my Saudi Arabia Travel Guide.

Saudi Arabia Travel Guide
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